Root Canal Treatment – Winchendon, MA

Getting Rid of the Pulp to Improve Your Smile

Collage featuring damaged tooth being saved with root canal treatment in Winchendon

The common misconception is that a root canal is painful. Despite this rumor circulating for decades, the truth is that a root canal is a beneficial and worthwhile treatment option should the innermost layer of your tooth succumb to infection or severe damage. Dr. Hakwati can use innovative technologies, techniques, and solutions to ensure a comfortable and safe procedure that will eliminate discomfort, save the natural tooth, and ensure better oral health for the future, so call us today to learn more about root canal treatment in Winchendon.

Why Choose Unique Dental of Winchendon for Root Canal Treatment?

  • Dental Team Capable of Calming Nervous Patients
  • State-of-the-Art Dental Technology Used
  • High-Quality Dental Crowns for Maximum Protection

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Woman having her mouth examined by dentist

Once it is decided that you need a root canal, we will isolate the tooth using a dental dam. Ensuring that the remaining teeth and soft tissues are not in the way, Dr. Hakwati will begin by administering local anesthesia to numb the desired area. He will then make a small opening in the crown of the affected tooth, exposing the inner layers until reaching the pulp.

Slowly, he will begin to clear away any damaged or decayed portions of the tooth, including the canals, before filling the tooth with a solution known as gutta-percha. Once filled, the tooth will be sealed to prevent reinfection. When ready, a customized dental crown will be placed over the vulnerable tooth to protect it from further damage or future reinfection.